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Your data has stories to tell. Discover them with StringData.

Boost your business knowledge through AI-powered discovery, processing and management of documents and data.
Save time and money by eliminating data entry and increase efficiencies through automated, real-time and secure processing.

Intelligent insights,


Manage and connect 10 or 10,000+ documents and sources of knowledge regardless of format or location.


Auto-tagging and natural-language search tools ensure your information and assets are always at your fingertips.


360° visibility of your connected assets and documents with native integration to your preferred Business Intelligence tools.

Your data. Your way.

Business Intelligence the way you like it.
Native integrations to your favourite BI tools let you focus on analyzing your cleaned and consolidated data without missing a beat.


Unlock your data

Let StringData do the heavy lifting with out proprietary Document Knowledge Processor to discover and extract data from documents to reveal new insights and relationships.

Supported file types include...

Unlock your data
Let StringData do the heavy lifting. Our proprietary data extraction engine finds and connects all of your data and documents to give you the full picture.



For organizations seeking specialized data and document solutions.
  • Automated document collection
  • Data & Document consolidation
  • Document Knowledge Processing
  • Email & cloud import
  • Native integrations to leading BI tools
  • Data Export (JSON, CSV)
  • User provisioning & deprovisioning (SCIM)
  • Priority support

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